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Currently, between travel agencies there is a struggle for each client, the winner is the one who can offer his clients the maximum range of necessary services with minimal time. In this case, you can expand your range of services by entering into an agreement with our company to provide car rental services.

Today there are many small and large organizations that offer to rent a car, but it is interesting and beneficial to cooperate with us, both for you and your customers.

We offer travel agencies to conclude one contract and receive the widest possible booking opportunities. For your client the benefit is obvious: you can book a car for him, which will be delivered to him directly to the airport or hotel, at what the tourist can return the car in any place convenient for him.

Why is it beneficial to cooperate with OHFO?

Benefit. Travel agencies receive a commission from each booking machine, the amount of which will not be reflected in the client's documents.

Range. OLFOY offers the widest choice of modern cars: from foreign cars of economy class to luxury cars.

Ways to pay for OLFOY are simple and convenient, you can use credit cards or non-cash payments, or pay in cash. The company guarantees the security and confidentiality of the client's personal information.

Rent a car with a driver. For cases where the customer can not be driven, the company provides the opportunity to rent a car with a driver (it can be a car rental of any brand, of any class, for example, renting a Ford, renting a Renault or other cars).

Special offers. Our company has developed several special offers that will be interesting and profitable for both clients and travel agencies.

Safety standards. The company OLFOY guarantees your TO customer and a professional full car inspection before each lease, accordingly your client can rest easily and without problems.

Stability of the company. OLFOY works successfully in the market and guarantees professionalism and quality and professionalism.

How to find a car for Rent?
Picking up a car for rent, in the first place, should be guided by the reputation and image of the company. ALLFORU is a reliable partner in any situation and under any circumstances.
Also pay attention to the technical characteristics of the car you need, they must match the task.
The cost of renting a car in Moscow depends on the class of cars you choose and varies depending on the length of the rental period.
Fast car rental
ALLFORU offers you high-quality service, consultations on all legal issues, as well as operational support in the event of additional tasks and unforeseen circumstances.
We perfectly know our work, which saves you time and money. You provide us with the necessary documents and payment, we give you the keys to the car. It's very simple!
No queues and unreasonable refusals, friendly and obligatory employees, and flexible pricing policy.
Execution and guarantees
When renting a car, you receive official guarantees of the ALLFORU! This means that each car has passed the technical inspection and meets all the standards of operation. Convenient payment methods allow you to extend the rental car without calling at our office, which makes cooperation with us especially convenient!
You have enough passport and driver's license, and the procedure of registration does not take more than 15 minutes of your time. Call our manager and we will prepare some documents in advance, and also we will adjust the car from the garage and it will wait for you with the warmed-up engine.