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Rental bmw

Company "OLFOY" offers to your attention such a popular service for today, as bmw rental. Cars of this brand have already been appreciated by adherents of an emphatically strict style combined with advanced technologies, as well as all those who appreciate practicality and comfort coupled with excellent dynamics.

Allow yourself a little more ...

Regardless of which type of BMW you choose, you will get a car that will attract the looks of passers-by, since you will not notice a car with a restrained, moderately emotional design simply impossible!

Renting bmw will allow you to make a proper impression, emphasize your personality, and also tell a lot about your status.

Enjoy the highest level of comfort!

At your disposal will be a powerful engine, as well as an unsurpassed chassis - your confidence on the roads will be truly limitless! Enjoying the excellent manageability is guaranteed! It is enough to choose any model of car at bmv rental and see for yourself! Soon after the start of the trip you will feel maximum comfort and safety!

This is the best choice in those situations when you need to come on a date or meet with business partners in a luxury car;
And you do not have to spend a huge amount to buy a car;
Moreover, the company "OLFOYU" foresees all your desires, whether it's the need to travel to a car abroad, etc.

A luxurious, comfortable, safe car will be at your complete disposal!

One of the reasons for the popularity of this car is excellent maneuverability, as well as increased power. These machines are specially created for all those who appreciate speed, luxury and comfort!

Cars 1-2 day. 3-6 day. 7-14 day. 15-30 day. 1-2 month. HP Tariff Price per km
over the limit
BMW 520i 2.0 AT 5500 5400 5300 5200 5100 15000 10 25000
How to find a car for Rent?
Picking up a car for rent, in the first place, should be guided by the reputation and image of the company. ALLFORU is a reliable partner in any situation and under any circumstances.
Also pay attention to the technical characteristics of the car you need, they must match the task.
The cost of renting a car in Moscow depends on the class of cars you choose and varies depending on the length of the rental period.
Fast car rental
ALLFORU offers you high-quality service, consultations on all legal issues, as well as operational support in the event of additional tasks and unforeseen circumstances.
We perfectly know our work, which saves you time and money. You provide us with the necessary documents and payment, we give you the keys to the car. It's very simple!
No queues and unreasonable refusals, friendly and obligatory employees, and flexible pricing policy.
Execution and guarantees
When renting a car, you receive official guarantees of the ALLFORU! This means that each car has passed the technical inspection and meets all the standards of operation. Convenient payment methods allow you to extend the rental car without calling at our office, which makes cooperation with us especially convenient!
You have enough passport and driver's license, and the procedure of registration does not take more than 15 minutes of your time. Call our manager and we will prepare some documents in advance, and also we will adjust the car from the garage and it will wait for you with the warmed-up engine.